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Get 4 weeks of kickboxing classes for only $99!


NYC's Best Kickboxing Classes


Kickboxing classes are rising in popularity, and for good reason. It's a killer workout, it burns crazy calories, and it's fun. But we find that people are uncertain of what kickboxing really IS. Is it just a good workout? Is it easy enough that anyone can try it? Does it vary enough so I won't get bored?

The answer is YES. YES. YES. YES!


  • Burn calories and tone muscles
  • Learn real martial arts from certified black belt instructors
  • Improve flexibility and coordination
  • Walk a little taller with life-saving self defense techniques now in your repertoire
  • Have fun & make new like-minded friends along the way

Fitter. Stronger. Kickboxer.

Kickboxing Special, One month for $99


Gym memberships are great. But they can be tricky. Staying motivated to do your own training is hard work. Classes induce turf wars during peak holiday seasons, and you have to show up insanely early just to claim your space. Before you know it, the gym becomes hassle to avoid rather than a haven to go train.

So yes, you can find kickboxing classes at your gym. But ours are better. Why?

Because we truly believe we offer something unique that offers advantages not many other types of fitness houses can offer.

At Modern Martial Arts, you will get:

  • INDIVIDUALIZED ATTENTION: Our class sizes is always manageable. Even with larger classes, we have several instructors on the floor at all times who are ready to help you out and keep you motivated

  • MOTIVATION AND SUPPORT: We LOVE what we do. The instructors, even the students, want you to love this sport just as much as they do. We proudly foster an environment full of reassuring and compassionate people who have each other's backs. Even on days when the last thing you want to do is go work out, all you have to do is show up. We'll take care of the rest. By the end of the 45 minute session, you'll leave feeling empowered and energized. We guarantee it.

  • EXPERT INSTRUCTION: Our instructors are amazing teachers. They know how to break down the moves into components that are easy to understand and implement, even on day ONE, so that it's easy to jump in with no pressure.

We'll work with you so that you'll grow to feel confident not just about kickboxing and martial arts, but about yourself. By day ten you'll start feeling stronger. In as little as a month, you're already starting to kick and punch like a pro.

"Modern Martial Arts is an amazing school. Great vibe. I got the best workout of my life here... everyone leaves feeling confident and fit. I love it!"
- Adam P.
"I needed a new, different workout before I went crazy from too much time in the gym. This place is just the ticket! You will sweat. A lot. My arms are way more toned and I've definitely slimmed down. I can even do a few pushups now! "
- Kelly M.

"I was looking for something new so I tried a bunch of places in my neighborhood: yoga, spin, boot camp, but nothing sparked my interest. Then I found Modern Martial Arts on google. I bought classes from their website and have been hooked ever since. Great workout, nice people, great staff!"
- Steph, merchantcircle.com



In addition to teaching the basic strikes found in kickboxing, we also borrow from other martial arts: Taekwondo, Muay Thai, and Krav Maga (self defense). We teach and train these different arts for several purposes beyond just fitness.

Of course, on the fitness side, the sidekicks and round house kicks found in Taekwondo and karate work the obliques, creating a well-defined waistline, and the punches & elbows of Muay Thai shape the upper arms.

There is also utility to consider: There is a purpose behind each and every move that we teach. The defensive strikes from Krav Maga are not only for exercise, but can very well save your neck in a harrowing situation. Training in self defense increases confidence and awareness, and it changes how people carry themselves.

So what are you waiting for? Try out some classes, risk free! You've got nothing to lose, and everything to gain...

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