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Kids Martial Arts Classes

at New York's premier mixed martial arts school
for Karate, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and MMA


Karate & martial arts go back thousands of years. Despite the way it's portrayed in the media, the true practice of martial arts won't encourage violent behavior. At Modern Martial Arts NYC we teach self-control, respect, and honesty. All students in our program are here because their parents want something challenging, encouraging, and special for their child.

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Tiny Champs
Ages 3-4
Little Champs
Ages 5-6
Ages 7 & up
"The teachers at Modern Martial Arts are the best Ethan has ever had in an afterschool program. Class is the perfect balance between serious and fun. Ethan seems to be maturing at a faster rate here." - Diane K., parent
"Charlotte loves coming to class. She is very focused and is becoming goal-oriented." - Don & Jenny H., parents


Martial arts programs are different than typical afterschool programs: our focus is developing the child as a whole, through a combination of physical and mental training. Several studies have shown that martial arts increase a child's ability to focus, leading to better grades and ultimately a brighter future. The positive messages in karate aid in redirecting challenging behavior and channeling excess energy. Many families notice a change in their child's attitude, both inside and outside of our school.


Karate classes build a strong base of basic skills through the use of defense drills and strengthening exercises. Modern Martial Arts NYC concentrates on each student's development, and your child will receive stripes and new belts as they grow and learn. Building on that initial success creates a lasting sense of accomplishment and increased self-confidence.

The classes themselves are designed to challenge each student individually. Our instructors will encourage your child to push themselves, redefining what they thought their limits and capabilities were. Students are continuously surprised that their bodies and minds go further than ever expected. The ability to use their mind and body to the fullest will carry through your child's life, as previously impossible challenges now appear as opportunities.

The physical and character foundations built at Modern Martial Arts have helped children excel in their academic, sports, familial, and social endeavors.

Sidekicks at Modern Martial Arts NYC


"The instructors have an amazing rapport with the children, making class fun while still managing to command the respect and discipline necessary...you have a superior staff who are exceptional at what they do. They care so much about the success of each child, and manage to make it so much fun for the children."
- Sandra S., parent

We have yet to meet a child who cannot benefit from our martial arts classes. Whether your child is shy, has learning or behavioral challenges, has boundless energy, or isn't challenged enough in physical or mental pursuits-- we enable every child to excel. Our dedicated staff of instructors work with your child individually to set goals and help your child meet them. Our progressing system of belts and stripes allows your child to have tangible evidence of their accomplishments and will encourage them to stay on a path of health and fitness for a lifetime.

Our students work hard and feel proud of what they accomplish-- often they are capable of much more than they could have dreamed.

So what are you waiting for? Try out some classes, risk free! 
You've got nothing to lose, and everything to gain...

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